Willi's is about the simple pleasures...

Willi's Wine Bar

Willi's Wine Bar offers the simple pleasures of life - art and wine, shared amongst good company. Unusual and boldly youthful, for its age, Willi's encompasses taste, discovery and friendship.

Here you will find a show stopping Mosel Riesling or a Jasnieres from the north of the Loire. Possibly a Mondeuse from the Savoie to wake the virgin within, or a youthful dry red Malaga, without ever forgetting the steep terraces & stony hillsides of the Rhône Valley where our life blood flows.

And you can lunch & dine ici too. Very well - booking is suggested.


Willi's Bottle Art Collection

Willi's Bottle Art Collection, a series of wine bottle art posters, first began in 1983. For each vintage, a new contemporary artist creates a work of art for this extraordinary collection. These posters express wholeheartedly the conviviality that Mark Williamson wishes to bring to the experience of Willi's Wine Bar.

Why not offer the posters from Willi's Bottle Art Collection to your friends worldwide (but not beyond)?


My Wine Party

At Willi's we are serious about wine. Wine enjoyment.

Be it for a social or professional occasion - good wine is a wonderful element to explore when you wish people to bond, exchange & interact.