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Wine & Fashion - Parallels & Textures with Wine Expert & Fashionista Bird

Discover the beauty and resemblance of fabric & taste. Former Haute Couture tailor & current wine writer Bird will take you on a voyage through fashion, fabric and fermented grape juice, to explore and discover what silk & tannins have in common, why fruit is more than just a color and how style influences the texture of liquid. From Les Arts Décoratifs of the Louvre right into your glass in our Salon Colette, paired with a delightfully seasonal, spontanious menu.

Duration including lunch/dinner 3-4 hours / 4 -12 guests
Les Arts de la Table of the French Empire with Historian Carolin Young
Understand the evolution of grand dining traditions in France through the ornate silver, porcelain and glass of the period. Be expertly guided through the early decorative arts rooms at the Louvre by Carolin Young.  Be transported back in a time capsule through the food and entertainment that launched an Empire. - Then cross the glorious Palais Royal for a themed lunch with your gourmet historian in our intemate Salon Colette.

Duration including lunch/dinner 4Hours / 2-8 guests

Treasure Hunt in the Louvre with THATLou

Feast & be briefed in the Salon Colette before setting off for an intense afternoon of wit testing discovery in the sprawling undergrowth of the Louvre with your personal host from THATLou. Flexible timing offered - whether as a morning event prior to a lunch or an afternoon following lunch, prior to cocktails / dinner. Nocturnal options on Wednesday & Friday.

THATLou Food & Wine. From sumptuous Dutch & Flemish still lifes, to animated Italian feasting tables, the Food & Wine THATLou covers a wide-swath of the Louvre & includes Egyptian stelae sending off their dead with poultry and wine, as well as toasting your hunting glass to Dionysus and his Bacchic putti.  Theme  offered in English.

Duration including lunch/dinner 4Hours / 6-12 guests

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