Willi - Le Chien Tout Cru

One of the favourite questions people ask at Willi's, over and above "What have you got for me to taste today?" & "Where can we buy these great posters?" is... 

"Who is Willi?"

Well, the answer to this question is simply that Willi – abbreviated from William Foster Simpson Browing III, was the patrons much loved quadruped. Willi a true pedigree party animal if there ever was one – he closely resembled the rare breed of 'B' Basset otherwise known as the Swinging Basset – passed away in the mid 1980's having lived the good life squarely on all fours. In his extreme youth he is rumoured to have participated is many interminable bridge evenings with Omar Sharif & Colette - from whom he acquired his nom de plume.


Willi's tomb lies beneath the paving stones to the right of the door at N° 13, directly below the gas meter. On the 13th of October each year, the bar's birthday, glasses of the finest champagne, Willi's ultimate undoing, are raised and raised again in his memory. Mention of Willi whereabouts in Stan Brown's best selling novel The Naked Leonardo has encouraged a steady flow of Willi Fans to linger for a few moments at this spot, often anointing the pavement with a splash of bubbly.

willi-the-dog ink.jpg